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Name: Lisha
Age: Young Adult
Species: Lion
Parents: Ishara and Loki
Siblings(of the same litter): Loara, Ishlo, Ishoki, Ishkii, Loshi

Personality: Bitter, cold, resentful, self loathing and introverted

Lisha was born of a litter of six (though many will try to say five it was six...)and immediately rose quite a bit of chatter as her young age. Lisha was a bit larger than the other girls though still smaller than her brother and was also the darkest pelted out of the bunch, where her younger littermate Loara was the very lightest. Lisha at first took after her mother with pale colored eyes and a tuft of fluff that fell across her face. She was a playful cub but as time went on her tuft of fur that made her feel the slightest bit like her mother grew...and grew growing longer and a tad father than that of her brother's own mane. She had heard quite a bit of snickering and hissing from others around but for a while she paid no mind, thinking nothing of it as a cub would normally do. It wasn't until she overheard one of the older females chittering about how something must have happened to Lisha before she was born, and some muttering of a "defect". Lisha wold often sneak away late at night to explore the other parts of the island, the darkness doing well to keep her hidden and even the pride across the island knew of Ishara's little "freak" cub.

Lisha left after countless insults about not looking a bit like her mother or siblings. Feeling like nothing more than an outcast, she left to find her father seeing that her mother did nothing of the harsh words from other lions and was almost blind to the actions toward her. Lisha blamed Ishara for never standing up to defend her simply because she never knew of what happened behind her back. (Hey who can blame Ish? She's got a lot of cubs. She can't have her eyes on one of them the whole time.) Lisha took Loara along with her knowing that if left with the others, Loara would feel nothing but sorrow knowing that her maned sister was seen as such a strange almost mutant sort of lioness due to her long mane. Lisha confronted Loki for abandoning them demanding answers and wondering why he left her and the other cubs and held slight resentment towards him for never explaining himself fully. She is neither close with her mother nor father due to neither understanding her plight and often spends time away from both, checking in once in a while from a distance but never getting close enough for either parent to really speak to her.

Lisha has yet to return because after Ish bore a new litter of cubs Lisha thought Ishara never cared that she left. Lisha then tried to go back to her father, who had also had a new slew cubs. Feeling that her existence was forgotten and no longer important to wither parent the maned lioness took to living alone, often spending her nights and days stalking prides to find even one other who shared in her suffering. She never asked for such a trait to befall her. It was assumed from her young age that she would take on the fluffy mane like look from her mother but it became too out of hand. The red undertones from her mother's genes and the dark coloring of her father left the lioness to look naught more than a shadow of the relationship they once had. They had forgotten the time they had with one another just as they had forgotten her.

Loki now lives with his new mate Joka and their two cubs Loka and Joki. Ishara has also moved on, now mated to her old friend Saigon with four new cubs of her own. Lisha often checks in to see how the new cubs are doing but has no intention of getting to know them due to the jealousy she bares towards them all. She left Loara in her father's care to watch over her and have her be there for their new half siblings. Lisha has yet to speak to either parent since their new cubs have been born.

(More to come once more is established plot wise)
Lisha's Bio
This is  WIP Nothing is totally set in stone atm. There needs to be more added but I was a bit lazy to write it all out. This is just so people can get a better general idea of her personality and understand a little bit more about her actions and attitude towards others.
Lessa's Chib Ref by MollyRosaline
Lessa's Chib Ref
Let me start out by saying

Base was made for me by one of my furtastic Fennec friends from FurReal miss EssPhox
This was something she took time to specialty make for me to color and work on as a gift seeing as she knows how hard is is to get good references for Fennec foxes and their hybrid friends. She is a phenomenal artist and all around wonderful person and I am so thankful to her for taking time out of her day to work on this. I would suggest heading over and giving her a watch if you like anything freaking adorable. (not even kidding her work is amazeballs)

Lessa is a Fennec/Wolf/ and one other undetermined creature mix. She is not an original species, She is not some crazy weird special animal you have to pay to have but I still ask that her design, name, likeness and the sort not be reproduced or used without illicit WRITTEN permission. Meaning you have to note me LONG before you even think of starting a sketch to get my permission UNLESS it is fanart/gift art/collab pieces.

Any use of the Essphox lineart or logo without written permission is also subject to copyright so just don't use it guys.

Lessa and her design are (c) MollyRosaline
Base was created by (c) EssPhox
Lessa and her Cthulhu by MollyRosaline
Lessa and her Cthulhu
This is a semi chib version of Lessa and her plush Cthulhu. The cthulhu plush it literally a doodle of an actual plush bought off of (they have the best fluffies)

Lessa and Art (c) MollyRosaline
Cthulhu design (c) Squishables

Made thanks to Wrigley17 letting me borrow her tablet so I could actually see if it would freakin work. Thank god. Now its going to be a matter of getting a table so I don't have to constantly use the damn scanner because GRAH
This is the first time I've lined anything with a tablet and my first image using SAI
Under The Night Sky by IsharaHeart
I love the use of the pose here as is conveys the emotion and bond here very well. The image itself very clear though I feel the linework could be more consistent throughout the piece as some parts look a little heavy-handed and uneven, such as bits in Ish's paw, the line about her thigh and the thicker lines in Sai's fluff. The lighting sets the mood nicely but the highlights seem to be a bit overwhelming compared the background. I would have personally toned them back a bit and have a paler blue glow because now it seems a bit too blue and not as much like the pale silvery blue color one would get from the light of the moonbeams. Overall I do enjoy the piece and I like the concept of it a lot. Personally I feel like something is missing but then again, that's all in how we perceive pieces of art. Stay creative darling and I hope so see more wonderful pieces in the future! :3


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